Recipe Journal

My heart behind creating this recipe journal was envisioning it being unwrapped by loved ones — brides at their shower, mothers on special holidays, a new mama, a sister or dear friend, a grandmother whose recipes mean the world to you… The thought of these special and sacred family traditions and recipes filling each page feels like the most beautiful and meaningful gift. Along with each recipe, memories flood in. Time spent around the table with the ones that you hold dearest. Stories, laughter, comfort, and tradition, moments of building a family legacy. What a gift to live these moments, and what a gift to capture them to be passed down for generations to come. I hope that you fill this book with every recipe that tells the story of your family!


Affirmation Cards

I have poured my heart into creating 62 Affirmation cards just for you! Each one with my art, my words and a piece of my heart written out. These cards I hope will be a gift to help motivate, encourage, calm, love and lift your spirit. I hope they speak life over you and those that you love.


The Casey Box

Curated by Casey just for you!


In your Casey box you’ll receive exclusive limited edition, custom Casey Leigh products, things I love, touches of art, creative inspiration, items featuring do-good companies giving back in the world and so much more! I know you'll absolutely love the benefits of being a part of the The Casey Box family!

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